Eurocities, in partnership with KEA, ERRIN, Europa Nostra and the Architects Council of Europe, has been selected by the European Commission to implement Cultural heritage in action, a peer-learning scheme financed by the European Union on cultural heritage to support exchanges between large numbers of cities, regions and stakeholders, thus building a broad learning community.

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Watch again the project clinic: sustainable reuse of old premises for culture on 15 September

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Sharing stories webinar: join the fourth session on 10 November!

Sharing stories webinars: watch again the first three episodes!

New European Bauhaus Prizes: apply now!

New European Bauhaus Prizes: apply now!

The European Commission just opened the 3rd edition of the New European Bauhaus Prizes. The Prizes recognise and reward existing projects and young people’s concepts which demonstrate that the sustainable solutions promoted by the European Green Deal can also be inclusive and beautiful, bringing high-quality experiences to people's everyday lives.

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Counter for Heritage and Sustainability

The city of Amsterdam created the Counter for Heritage and Sustainability, an online tool to collect and deliver information on making built heritage more sustainable.

The catacombs of Naples

After years of neglect, the catacombs of Naples were entrusted to La Paranza social cooperative and reopened to the public. It is a story of a transformation from degradation to the recovery of a remarkable, hidden heritage.

A free zone for art and creativity

“Transfert” encouraged interactive activities and cultural events for the local community, and created pleasant green spaces. The reconstruction took into consideration the wider urban scene as well as representation of its local history and communities.

Caring for heritage together

The Vilnius Old Town Renewal Agency, set by the municipality of Vilnius, initiated the Community capacity building programme to support private owners to maintain and renovate their properties.

Agent for change

In 2017, the Glasgow City Council created a new role to tackle racism and inequality. The Agent for Change also known as Senior Arts, Music manager in charge of diversity, aims at improving racial diversity across the city’s cultural scene.