Eurocities, in partnership with KEA, ERRIN, Europa Nostra and the Architects Council of Europe, has been selected by the European Commission to implement Cultural heritage in action, a peer-learning scheme financed by the European Union on cultural heritage to support exchanges between large numbers of cities, regions and stakeholders, thus building a broad learning community.

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Upcoming Activities

Call for experts in peer learning – open until 11 February 2022.

Call for good practices open for applications!

Cultural Heritage in Action online event, 8 December 2021

Topotheque. Community-driven online archive anchored in regions.

Thanks to Topotheque, our grandparents’ boxes full of memories will no longer accumulate dust but have the life they deserve.

Restore, don’t replace!

Traditional closed timber balconies are part of Malta’s cultural identity. However, climate change and lack of maintenance threaten these fragile heritage features.

Commonlands. Cultural community mapping in alpine areas.

Since 2015, the Commonlands project aims to activate and empower local mountain communities in Val Grande National Park to take responsibility for the preservation and valorisation of their shared cultural and natural heritage.

Three Cities Dock1 Regeneration Project.

Dock 1 was an abandoned dockyard area on the shores of Vittoriosa, Cospicua and Senglea, known as ‘The Three Cities’. The Dock1 Regeneration Project aimed at an urban, social, environmental and landscape regeneration of the area.

Adopt a Monument in Tampere!

Adopt a Monument is a grassroots project that consists of maintenance and preservation of archaeological sites and historical buildings by groups of volunteers (adopters).