We are calling for experts!

Jan 21, 2022

In the context of the Cultural Heritage in Action project, Eurocities asbl (as project leader) is looking for high-level experts with different backgrounds (academia, consultancy, international organisations or local administrations) to complete a consortium team bringing together a unique experience of working with cities, regions and stakeholders on cultural heritage.

Do you have at least 10 years of substantial experience and expertise in the culture and cultural heritage development of cities and regions? Do you see your expertise bringing an added value to the project’s peer learning activities for European cities and regions?

We are looking for external experts to work with us on specific peer-learning activities to be hosted as part of Cultural Heritage in Action. Cultural Heritage in Action offers a unique opportunity to help cities, regions and stakeholders build in-house expertise and make the most of cultural heritage opportunities, exchange good and bad practices, and strengthen networking between them.

The objective of this call is to create a pool of experts able to provide specific support for cities, regions and stakeholders to build this expertise. In our view this should be done by making the most of the expertise coming directly from cities, regions and stakeholders but also by using external expertise.

External experts will be selected based on their knowledge of the topics covered in the scheme and on their experience in working with local and regional governments. In particular, selected external experts should have extensive experience and expertise in cultural heritage policies and urban/regional development as well as coaching, facilitation, moderation and audience engagement methods.

If you feel like this is for you, complete the questionnaire below and send it back to culturalheritageinaction@eurocities.eu

Deadline is 11 February 2022.

Download the questionnaire here.

Good luck!

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