Five peer learning visits in European cities and regions organised by Cultural Heritage in Action.

Feb 23, 2022

An interesting peer learning programme is being built for the spring and autumn of 2022 as part of Cultural Heritage in Action peer learning activities. In May, the Cultural Heritage in Action community is invited to Leeds for a visit focusing on the Leeds museums and galleries services.  Discover how the municipal service has made innovative use of digital media to maintain and develop contacts with communities, schools and social media audiences throughout the pandemic, and how this has provided a foundation for more recent work to support recovery.

In June, Helsinki will host a group of about 20 representatives from European cities, regions and cultural heritage stakeholders to discuss the concept of City Puzzle: how are European municipalities working towards a sustainable model of reusing old premises for cultural uses? Helsinki will bring forward the example of the former Cable Factory Kaapeli, now a vibrant cultural place!

Later in the autumn, we will travel to Poland, where Krakow will tell us everything about sustainable urban heritage development in practice. The city is developing several initiatives through its municipal culture service and its Municipal Greenspace Authority, capitalising on Krakow’s natural and cultural heritage and landscapes.

Finally, our peer learning voyage will take us to Spain, for a visit to the city of Zaragoza focusing on the empowerment of young citizens and their participation in local museums activities; and in the Cantabria region, who is using European funds and programmes in a smart way to enhance the territorial cohesion of this rural region. For instance, Cantabria has transformed a religious building (Domus Dei) into an inclusive centre (Domus Populi) to facilitate community encounters and welcome tourists and pilgrims. It functions as an engine of culture and the arts for 6,000 inhabitants at risk of geographic, social and digital exclusion. You can read more about it here.

Do you want to join one or more of these visits? Watch this space! The first call for participants will be launched in March, to join a group going to Leeds.

We are confident we can organise onsite visits now Still, we will be paying attention to the current sanitary regulations in place in the hosting countries and the sanitary situation throughout Europe. Sanitary measures will be respected throughout the visits to ensure safety for all participants, experts and hosts alike.

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