Cultural Heritage in cities and regions: challenges and trends throughout Europe

Dec 13, 2021

We are very proud and happy to present to you our brand new interactive publication: “Cultural Heritage in cities and regions: challenges and trends throughout Europe”.

An online publication that gathers content from the first phase of the Cultural Heritage in Action project, the 32 case studies from our catalogue of good practices and the 10 online peer learning visits hosted in 2021.

We have organised the publication around main challenges faced by European cities and regions when it comes to cultural heritage: inequality and social exclusion, rapid urbanisation, changes in governance systems, and even climate change.

Cultural heritage is key to solving these challenges as it encourages experimentation, stimulates participation and responsibility and rewards collaboration among different sectors.

European cities and regions are already making the most of cultural heritage to address these challenges and have found innovative, inspiring and impactful solutions that work on the ground.

In the publication you can read about these challenges and solutions in a comprehensive way and find there:

  • Inspiration from 20 case studies that refer to the three challenges we have outlined.
  • Comprehension of current and future challenges affecting cultural heritage in cities and regions such as climate change, digitalization and dissonant heritage. As well as how we as policy-makers can respond to them.
  • Adaptation for which we have included a series of Top Tips and 10 steps to sustainable local cultural heritage policies to facilitate policy strategies at local level.

We have also prepared a video for you to see the different interactive features and find your way around this cultural heritage volume.

We hope you enjoy discovering the cultural heritage wonders across European cities and regions as much as we do!

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