Cultural Heritage in Action calls for good practices!

Aug 24, 2022

Since 2020, Cultural Heritage in Action has empowered cities and regions to strengthen their cultural heritage policies and initiatives and develop innovative solutions to preserve cultural heritage assets.

Across the European Union, cultural heritage is an important asset for culture, economy, tourism and territorial competitiveness. It shapes the identities of cities and regions, positively affects well-being and quality of life and contributes to social cohesion. Investing in cultural heritage is strategic for cities and regions. Some have been more successful than others in making bold investments in cultural heritage and in ensuring long-term benefits.

As part of Cultural Heritage in Action, we are looking for practices that are innovative, inspiring for other cities and regions and have a real impact on the ground on the topics of:

  • Recovery and resilience through cultural heritage in a post-pandemic world
  • Cultural heritage for local sustainable development
  • Governance and financing: new roles for local and regional authorities

Our call is open until 15 October 2022! 

It is your chance to spotlight your work on cultural heritage! What can be learnt from your experience? How can this be transferred to other local contexts? This call is open to local and regional administrations of all sizes (rural areas, medium size cities, large and capital cities, and regions) from the 27 European Union countries and the UK.

We will enrich our already existing catalogue with 30 more good practices. Check the ones already published here:

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