We are now looking for practices:

  • that are innovative
  • that are inspiring for other cities and regions
  • that have a real impact on the ground


Practices can be policies, projects, events or organisational structures developed by local and regional authorities. They can be implemented by the authorities themselves or by other local stakeholders.


Is this call for me?


This call is open to local and regional administrations of all sizes (rural areas, medium size cities, large and capital cities, regions) from the 27 European Union countries as well as the UK (*). In some cases, the questionnaire can be filled in “on behalf of” a local/regional administration, for example by a university, an architect or a local/regional stakeholder; a written endorsement by a representative of the local/regional administration at the origin of the practice should then be provided.


Why should I submit a practice?

  • to be featured in an online catalogue and visible at EU level
  • to give a chance to my city/region to host a peer-learning visit
  • to be part of a community of practice


Which themes should the practices relate to?


We consider cultural heritage as ‘resources inherited from the past in all forms and aspects – tangible, intangible and digital (born digital and digitized), including monuments, sites, landscapes, skills, practices, knowledge and expressions of human creativity, as well as collections conserved and managed by public and private bodies such as museums, libraries and archives’ (Council conclusions on cultural heritage as a strategic resource for a sustainable Europe, May 2014).


How will be practices be selected?


Our team of experts will use the following criteria:

  • Strategic vision (is cultural heritage a priority in local/regional policies?)
  • Relation to EU strategic documents[1] (does the practice share common goals?)
  • Impacts and results 
  • Potential for replicability 
  • Thematic balance between the 3 topics, geographical and spatial balance


Where can I find more information ?


Download the information webinar presentation here.


How can I submit a practice?


Respond to our call and return it to by 27 April 2020.


(*) Please be informed that the project is also open to the UK, given that the UK continues to participate in the Creative Europe programme until end of 2020 as a former EU Member State.