Transforming fortresses into a major cultural hotspot.

Nov 24, 2021

Šibenik, Croatia. Revitalisation of Šibenik’s Fortresses.

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If something characterizes European cities, it is that they are built on the traces of their past. The streets, the buildings and the monuments are part of the history and the lives of those who lived there, hundreds of years before.

The city of Šibenik is characterized by its fortification system dating back to the Early Medieval Period. The main landmarks of the city, the Barone and Saint Michael fortresses, have undergone a process of restoration and development converting them into cultural hubs. Bringing together both heritage building management and cultural programming and production, both fortresses produce a range of cultural events with a strong focus on local people.

The example of Šibenik shows us how participatory processes do not only impact people’s lives but also favour their relationship with the roots of their own city. 



Šibenik: Transforming Šibenik Fortress into a major cultural hotspot

by Anthony Colclough | Cultural Heritage in Action


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