Nantes Patrimonia.

Nov 23, 2021

Nantes, France. A digital platform for discovery and expression of heritage.

Participatory governance of cultural heritage



When human life primarily inhabited forests, rather than cities, people knew the names and the ritual and medical significance of the trees and plants around them, they knew the signs and tracks of the animals and the calls and cries of the birds.

Now that the majority of us live in cities, we find ourselves surrounded by objects we cannot name, and signifiers whose significance is lost to us. Most of us would be hard pressed to point out a muntin or a corbel on the outside of a building, or distinguish between a bressummer and an arris on the ceiling.

With this in mind is how the Nantes Patrimonia platform was born. The online system provides digital tours, articles and interactive cartography, showcasing urban history, daily life, architecture, historical events, and the latest news on Nantes heritage. City staff and citizens (professionals or amateurs) contribute by providing testimonies, photos, videos, historical content, anecdotes etc.



Nantes: a digital platform for the discovery and expression of local heritage

by Irene Toucido | Cultural Heritage in Action


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