If trees can walk, humans can change

Sep 1, 2022

Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Bosk: a giant art installation of 1,000 walking trees.

Leeuwarden was the European Capital of Culture (ECoC) in 2018, with iepen mienskip (open community) as its central theme. This experience drove Leeuwarden to adopt a new culture policy (2021-2028). To match the energy and make the most of the investments for the EcoC the city created Arcadia, a 100-day arts festival occurring every three years. The festival challenges inhabitants and visitors to reflect on the future of mienskip, the local landscape and heritage. Bosk was one of its main events in 2022, raising awareness of nature and climate change through art.

Every day for a hundred days, a different part of Leeuwarden city centre turned green. That is because over 1,000 trees were walking around the city. This walking forest gave the trees – and with them, nature – a voice: what can we learn from trees and how does the forest view the human world?

Bosk told a relatable story to connect, enchant, and broaden horizons. The project invited visitors to share their thoughts and participate. Together with people, neighbourhoods, villages, associations, entrepreneurs and organisations, Bosk aimed to create a greener future by planting lots and lots of trees. When Bosk was done, 1,000 trees got a permanent location in Leeuwarden.



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