Discovering 300 years of history within four walls.

Nov 23, 2021

Dublin, Ireland. Conserving story, history and architecture.

Participatory governance of cultural heritage



After the last tenement residents left this architecturally and socially significant area in the late 1970s, the house at 14 Henrietta Street fell into decay. The challenge for the municipality was to prevent the loss of important Georgian architecture, modern social history and stories of local and domestic life. Thus, the 2002 city-wide Heritage Plan and subsequent Henrietta Street Conservation Plan ensured the building was preserved. The municipal heritage office identified it as a site to tell stories of its inhabitants across three important eras in local, national and international history. The museum was formed, and continues to collect stories, to present an ‘if these walls could talk’ experience, blending personal experiences and objects into the restored fabric of the building.


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