From former city gate into a new public space.

Nov 23, 2021

Den Bosch, Netherlands.

Bulwark heritage centre.

Adaptive reuse of cultural heritage buildingsCultural heritage for local sustainable developmentParticipatory governance of cultural heritage


The city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, in the Netherlands, innovatively restored and redeveloped a 16th-century bulwark. Combining traditional techniques with modern design and materials, the defensive feature not only innovates in its restoration, but also tackles present days issues such as water level rising due to climate change.

The redevelopment plan for the former St. Jonh’s Bulwark has also included the creation of a new heritage and visitors centre with amenities and cultural activities. The municipality leases the management of the space to an association of heritage volunteers, ensuring not only economic sustainability and employment opportunities but also revenue streams that can be invested in other heritage and educational projects.


Den Bosch: Climate resilient restoration of a historic water defence system

by Cécile Houpert | Cultural Heritage in Action


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