Cultural rebirth for rural repopulation.

Apr 12, 2022

Urriés, Spain. A cultural festival brings a dwindling city back to life.

Urriés’ already small population was ageing and emigrating. Some cities around it were disappearing altogher. With the town’s people leaving, local history and culture might disappear without a trace. The city needed to reverse this trend, strengthen the community, boost its economy and advertise itself as a reliable partner for investment from the national government.

By starting monthly cultural activities like lectures and workshops, opening cultural institutions like an interpretation center and exhibition hall, and creating other amenities like a coworking space, Urriés increased local quality of life and slowed emigration. Building on this, the city launched an annual cultural festival which has reversed the population trend and brought annual visits up from two to 2,000.

Urriés had put itself on the map.



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