Budapest100 community festival.

Nov 23, 2021

Budapest, Hungary. Exploring built heritage to strengthen communities.

Participatory governance of cultural heritage



Preservation of the built heritage is one of the highest priorities in Hungary and for that, the history of heritage places needs to be made available for all. That’s how Budapest100 originated, an annual two-day festival with the support and participation of residents of the city and volunteers to reveal and celebrate the city’s built heritage. The project uses tangible and intangible heritage associated with the city’s built environment to fight social isolation and strengthen local communities.

The festival started in 2011 to celebrate houses turning 100-years old. Since 2016, the event has been structured around a given theme or location. Residents develop a programme with the support of volunteers and the festival organisers. Through installations and stories told by residents and volunteers (passionate urbanists, architects, and researchers) visitors learn about the history of the place and what makes it remarkable.



Budapest: Exploring built heritage to strengthen communities

by Anthony Colclough | Cultural Heritage in Action


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