Barcelona Art Factories: Old industrial spaces, new cultural uses


The case of Barcelona Art Factories is exemplary. Initiated in 2007 as a programme to transform nine obsolete industrial sites into public venues that drive culture and innovation, this dynamic network of municipally-owned facilities is adding a growing number of heretofore unused spaces for cultural purposes. It now comprises over 30,000 square meters for artistic and cultural creation and production. Some of these factories have a long track record of supporting creative talents, such as Ateneu Popular 9 Barris, Hangar and Nau Ivanow. Newer facilities in various artistic fields, run by agents and institutions, have joined the initiative: La Central del Circ, Graner, La Seca and La Escocesa. A 100% municipally run factory, Fabra i Coats, has been set up as the central hub of the project. The goal of the overall project is to put creativity, knowledge and innovation at the heart of the city’s policies.

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